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“Make your own kind of music”, sang Mama Cass once upon a time…and it came to us after our last outing as the ‘Tomahawks, that this is something to aim for!

The idea was (and still is!) to just play. Don’t try to be any style. Don’t try to be anyone else. Do try not to listen to music by others too much. Do see what comes out of us. We made a massive noise we call ‘Nervetraps music’ & that’s what we’ve been doing ever since. We play (Loud!) and let whatever comes out that’s inside of us. Obviously, there’s nothing new under the sun, and we acknowledge that there are Subliminal Influences going through the songs – but we usually don’t spot them ourselves until much later. Anyway, that is it. We make Nervetraps music we’d like you to come along and let your ears bleed & yer minds melt!
We didn’t split the atom. But it is our music. And it is what it isn’t.
Nervetraps traps are recording in January too.

Nervetraps is:
lain: FX/keys/ samples
Jimi: The guitar + vox
Noxy: The bass guitar + vox
P.: The drums + vox + ref whistle